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Storytllr Jewels

Storytllr Jewels

The problem with the way most business people approach communication is they express themselves in an unstructured way that ends up random, sometimes confusing for the audience and often falls short of the mark.

Unstructured communication fails when you do not address the very reasons behind why people will continue to engage with you (or not), in the order in which they need to hear it, understand it and importantly to trust you.

Expressing your intent can be a challenge when the audience is not necessarily convinced that your are the right person to deal with.

We have all sat and often debated what needs to be said for hours without structure which can lead to mis-communication or worse, missed opportunity.

The Principles of IMPART is a 6 part framework designed to make writing, presenting or telling your story a whole lot easier and a whole lot more powerful no matter the medium.

Jewels spent years developing this framework for use with paid clients and now is freely making it available to everyone.

Jewels Nistico
Author, Speaker, Chief Storytllr
Storytllr Group

“What is in the document?”

A step-by-step guide

– where I walk through each of the 6 parts of the framework.


– for each part so you can visualise how it may be used in real life scenarios.


– a blank printable version you can use freely to sketch out your outlines quickly.

Andy Rycroft


Marketing Innovator

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity – it’s a seriously powerful framework!

A definite gain in effective, successful proposal writing, with a lot less stress.

I filled in the blanks, communicated with our team, literally getting on the same page in terms of story & flow.

Trust the process.

5 Stars

Andy Rycroft


Sales Specialist

I find IMPART tremendously useful for both salespeople and business owners I work with.

The easy-to-use guide ensures everything they want to say is covered & ticks the psychological needs of the buyer.

Leveraging tools like IMPART makes us all more effective.

Highly recommended.

5 Stars

Andy Rycroft


Business Coach

The IMPART Framework allows me to work efficiently knowing I will not accidentally leave anything out.

It keeps my thinking “high level” so I don’t get caught in the weeds and make incorrect decisions.

I use a lot of frameworks with my clients and this is amongst the favourites.

5 Stars.

5 Stars

The Principles of IMPART

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